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Knowledge of computer and internet market, the financial solvency of the company, gained credibility both their customers and suppliers and the rapid increase in turnover, positioned to United Technologies in a privileged position within the market. United Technologies has maintained the necessary number of employees required for quality control in production. What does this mean? Simply that our goal is to not only produce technological products, but create products that can compete in terms of quality and innovation with any first-world product designs manufactured by multinational companies.

With a great deal of tradition that is always well-favored by its customers. After completing each step required to maintain international status, United Technologies is currently launching a new line ofnotebooks, netbooks, tablets, and branded GPS

The characteristics of our company can be summarized with these few words…Everything we do, we do with passion. We pay special attention to the details,thus helping us to better determine the direction of each division.

Business Areas

Corporate and Government Sales

Our company has professionals who specialize in providing solutions tailored to each company, as well as meet the needs of various government agencies. Department of Marketing and Advertising Marketing Development of the brand, event indoor and outdoor. The relationship and the direct link with partners and the press in general are part of the daily activities of this sector.


All orders received both of our branches and Internet sales by resolve, listed and managed in this department.


We have a warehouse of 3000 square meters with the latest global storage methods exploits space profitably and generating an easy and accurate for the other departments.

Distribution and Logistics

Vehicles themselves with our staff in charge of logistics at the portals outlets or our large customers. Today our fleet vehicles copone small and large trucks thus able to complete all the requirements requested by the various organizations.

Purchasing Office / Import

We have offices in Miami and China allowing us to be in constant contact with our international suppliers, so we make available to our customers the latest technology at very convenient.

What we do

This is some of our business brunching

LED Lighting

We have over 5 years experience in producing LED lighting. We use latest technology that meet international standards of manufacturing. We are committed to this technology because of its long life (over 50,000 hours.) And save more than 90% compared to traditional lamps.

SMT Line

With an investment of 20 million pesos we have opened a new line in our factory for the production of printed circuit boards (SMT), which includes the production of motherboards for netbooks, notebooks, tablets, phones and LED bulbs. It employes more than 50 workers and 10 highly skilled engineers and conditioned a room with special measures and strict quality standards.


We started the project in June 2011 and now we have become one of the leading market positioning in the major retailers in the country. Our philosophy aims to banish the idea that the national technology equipment tends to produce "basic" or low skills.

Tablet + GPS + TV

Our engineers developed a unique solution to incorporate into a single device all the necessary features of a gadget for everyday life.

Business integration

New trends in Software Technology and the complexity of IT landscapes are leading to an increasing demand for Business Integration capabilities in the market. New laws and regulations are also forcing companies to integrate their IT into larger systems. And many companies are facing the same situation: The market has changed, the competition is stronger, and pressure on costs is increasing.

Digital cameras

Production and distribution of digital cameras and camcordes. We aim to achieve a large market share in the segment and the development of products that stand out for presenting the latest technology and innovative design.


We work with the world's largest consulting firms and technology services providers who share our commitment to customer success.

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